I'm a Helsinki-based photographer who specialises in taking photographs of people, parties and events. Serious portraiture is something I live for. Newborn photography, wedding portrait, yoga on sea ice or children tumbling around – you name it. It's visual storytelling that keeps my heart beating.
I take a documentary approach to parties and events – discreetly navigating around the location, without interfering with the course of events, in order to capture situations as they occur. This results in images which contain a real and natural atmosphere. The best shots of people are often taken candidly – when the subject isn’t aware that their picture is being taken. 
I accept the challenge of every commission seriously but always with a twinkle in my eye. The result will be images that are both technically competent and high in quality. Invite me to photograph yourself, your loved ones, your party or event and you will not be disappointed. 
I shoot with a Canon 1D-series camera and L-series lenses, which are the finest in the industry. The combination gives the best optical quality available no matter the weather, dust, sand or dog spit. Even a photoshoot in typical sauna conditions (100 degrees celsius of heat with 100 % humidity) can be carried out successfully.
Speaking of sauna conditions, I've started doing a sneak peek to interior photography. Have you got a gorgeous apartment or an atmospheric sauna waiting to be photographed? 

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